Banz Rings


Sleek, stackable, and stylish. These metallic must haves are available in sets of 3. You may choose between brass or copper, simply make your choice from the drop down menu below.

SMALL - Ring Size 5/6
MEDIUM - Ring Size 7/8
LARGE - Ring Size 9/10

***These rings are adjustable, and are sized in small, medium, large. Adjust your size choice according to how you wish to style your Banz (Knuckle or Midi rings). The 3rd picture shows Banz rings paired with JBJ's Eye of the Storm Ring; please keep in mind that this is a listing for Banz rings only. ****


  • 3 Sm Brass Banz
  • 3 Med Brass Banz
  • 3 Lg Brass Banz
  • 3 Sm Copper Banz
  • 3 Med Copper Banz
  • 3 Lg Copper Banz