Milk & Honey Bracelet


JewelzByJai's beloved best selling Milk & Honey bracelet features a 1" hand cut brass OR 14k Gold Filled Africa charm on 14k gold filled chain.

If you're wondering about thedifference between having a gold filled charm and a brass charm the difference is inthe maintenance. While both would be equally lovely the brass option requires a bit more polishing & the gold filled option would hardly ever need cleaning! Either way Milk & Honey is a must have!

**bracelet will be made slightly bigger than selected wrist size*


  • size 6" wrist
  • size 7" wrist
  • size 8" wrist
  • size 9"wrist
  • size 6" wrist 14k Gold Filled
  • size 7" wrist 14k Gold Filled
  • size 8" wrist 14k Gold Filled
  • size 9" wrist 14k Gold Filled