Adrinkra Bijoux Bangles


Bijoux Bangle sets consist of 3 bracelets; 1 charmed bangle & 2 blank accent bangles. Select your set from the drop down menu below!

The second photo is an example of what a set looks like w one charmed bangle and two accents.

Bangle/Charm options are listed from Top Left to Right Then Bottom Left to Right.


  • Gye Nyame - None But God Bijou Bangle Set
  • Sankofa Heart - Lessons From The Past Bijoux Bangle Set
  • Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu - Unity Bijoux Bangle Set
  • Odo-Nnyen Fie Kwan - Power of Love Bijoux Bangle Set
  • Nyame Dua - Tree of God Bijoux Bangle Set
  • Duafe Comb -Femininity Bijou Bangle Set
  • Hye Won Hye - Resilience Bijoux Bangle Set
  • Dwennimmen - Strength & Humility Bijoux Bangle Set