What's Yo Sign Zodiac Necklace


Dainty 16" 14k gold filled cable chain with a coin pendant hand-stamped with your zodiac sign's symbol. Please choose your sign from the drop down menu below to complete your purchase!

***The 3rd photo is only an example of the what the signs look like on metal.***


  • gold filled aries
  • gold filled taurus
  • gold filled gemini
  • gold filled cancer
  • gold filled leo
  • gold filled virgo
  • gold filled libra
  • gold filled scorpio
  • gold filled sagittarius
  • gold filled capricorn
  • gold filled aquarius
  • gold filled pisces
  • sterling silver aries
  • sterling silver taurus
  • sterling silver gemini
  • sterling silver cancer
  • sterling silver leo
  • sterling silver virgo
  • sterling silver libra
  • sterling silver scorpio
  • sterling silver sagittarius
  • sterling silver Capricorn
  • sterling silver Aquarius
  • sterling silver pisces